Easy, healthy recipe for BBQ quarter chicken

How to BBQ Quarter Chicken – Easy Healthy Recipe

Barbecuing quarter chicken is a delightful way to enjoy a meal that’s both tasty and nutritious. This guide on how to BBQ quarter chicken will walk you through the process, focusing on simplicity and the health benefits of grilling.

Chicken quarters, consisting of the thigh and drumstick, are perfect for grilling because they stay juicy and flavorful. Plus, grilling reduces the need for excess oils, making this method a healthier option.

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a beginner, this recipe promises a satisfying and wholesome BBQ experience. Let’s dive in!

Healthy and straightforward BBQ quarter chicken guide
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Ingredients Needed

  • Chicken Quarters: 4 pieces, skin-on for extra flavor and juiciness.
  • Olive Oil: 2 tablespoons, helps in even cooking and adds a healthy fat.
  • Garlic Powder: 1 teaspoon, for a subtle yet aromatic flavor.
  • Paprika: 1 teaspoon, adds a smoky taste and vibrant color.
  • Salt and Pepper: To taste, enhances overall flavor.
  • Lemon Juice: 2 tablespoons, for a tangy freshness.
  • Fresh Herbs: A handful of thyme or rosemary for extra flavor.
Ingredients for Simple and nutritious BBQ chicken quarters recipe
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Choosing the Right Chicken

When selecting chicken quarters for BBQ, opt for fresh, organic, or free-range chicken. These options tend to be more flavorful and healthier, free from antibiotics and added hormones. Check for a fresh pink color and firm texture, avoiding any with a strong odor. Skin-on chicken quarters retain moisture better during grilling, resulting in juicier and more delicious meat.

Easy and nutritious Choosing the Right Chicken for BBQ chicken leg quarters recipe
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Preparation Steps

How to BBQ Quarter Chicken - Easy Healthy Recipe
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  1. Clean the Chicken: Rinse the chicken quarters under cold water and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Marinate: In a bowl, mix olive oil, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and herbs. Coat the chicken thoroughly with the marinade.
  3. Refrigerate: Let the chicken marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours, or overnight for deeper flavor.
  4. Preheat Grill: Preheat your grill to medium-high heat, around 375-400°F.
  5. Prepare Grill Grates: Oil the grill grates to prevent sticking.

Marination Techniques

Effective marination is key to flavorful BBQ chicken. Use a mixture of acidic (lemon juice), fatty (olive oil), and flavorful (spices, herbs) components. Marinate for at least 2 hours, allowing the flavors to penetrate the meat. For deeper flavor, marinate overnight. Always marinate in the refrigerator, not at room temperature, to prevent bacterial growth.

Marination Techniques for Quick, wholesome BBQ chicken leg quarters dish
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Safety Tips While Handling Raw Chicken

  1. Wash Hands: Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling raw chicken.
  2. Separate Utensils: Use separate cutting boards and utensils for raw chicken to avoid cross-contamination.
  3. Clean Surfaces: Disinfect all surfaces and utensils that come into contact with raw chicken.
  4. Proper Storage: Store raw chicken in a sealed container in the refrigerator to prevent juices from contaminating other foods.
  5. Cook Thoroughly: Ensure chicken is cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F to kill any harmful bacteria.

BBQ Cooking Process

  1. Preheat Grill: Set your grill to medium-high heat, around 375-400°F.
  2. Prepare the Chicken: Remove chicken from the marinade and let excess drip off.
  3. Place on Grill: Position chicken quarters skin-side down on the grill grates.
  4. Cook: Grill for 10-15 minutes per side, turning occasionally to avoid burning.
  5. Monitor Temperature: Use a meat thermometer to check internal temperature.
  6. Final Sear: Move chicken to a hotter part of the grill for a final sear, about 2-3 minutes per side.

Managing Grill Temperature

Maintaining the right temperature is crucial for perfectly grilled chicken. Start by preheating your grill to medium-high. Use a grill thermometer to monitor the temperature, aiming for a steady 375-400°F.

Adjust the vents and burners to manage heat, and keep the lid closed as much as possible to retain heat. For gas grills, control the burners; for charcoal grills, manage the coals and airflow.

Testing for Doneness

Ensure the chicken is thoroughly cooked by using a meat thermometer. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken quarter without touching the bone.

The internal temperature should read 165°F. Additionally, the juices should run clear, and the meat should no longer be pink. For extra assurance, cut into the thickest part and check the color and texture.

Testing for Doneness BBQ Quarter Chicken
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Serving Suggestions

  1. Classic Coleslaw: The crunchy texture and tangy flavor of coleslaw make it a perfect companion for BBQ chicken.
  2. Grilled Vegetables: Bell peppers, zucchini, and asparagus grilled with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt complement the smoky chicken.
  3. Corn on the Cob: Grilled corn, seasoned with butter and herbs, is a delicious and easy side.
  4. Potato Salad: A creamy potato salad with a hint of mustard adds a hearty element to your meal.

Presentation Tips: Arrange the chicken quarters on a large platter, garnish with fresh herbs like parsley or cilantro, and add a few lemon wedges for a fresh touch. Serve with the sides in colorful bowls to create an inviting spread.

How to BBQ Quarter Chicken
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Healthy Side Dishes

  1. Quinoa Salad: Mix cooked quinoa with diced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and parsley. Dress with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper for a refreshing and nutrient-rich side.
  2. Roasted Sweet Potatoes: Cut sweet potatoes into wedges, toss with olive oil, paprika, and a pinch of salt, then roast at 400°F for 25-30 minutes until crispy.
  3. Steamed Broccoli: Simply steam broccoli florets and season with a little garlic and lemon zest. This keeps it light and nutritious while adding a fresh flavor.
  4. Mixed Green Salad: Combine a variety of greens like spinach, arugula, and kale with sliced almonds, cranberries, and a light vinaigrette for a crisp and healthy addition to your meal.

Nutritional Information

A serving of BBQ quarter chicken (one thigh and one drumstick) provides approximately:

  • Calories: 320
  • Protein: 28g
  • Fat: 20g
    • Saturated Fat: 5g
  • Carbohydrates: 1g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 125mg
  • Sodium: 550mg

Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Use a Meat Thermometer: Ensure perfect doneness by checking that the internal temperature reaches 175°F. For a better result, check out our guide on How to BBQ Chicken on Charcoal Grill.
  2. Indirect Heat: Start cooking the chicken on indirect heat to cook it evenly without burning, then finish on direct heat for a crispy skin.
  3. Basting: Brush the chicken with marinade or BBQ sauce during the last 10 minutes of grilling for added flavor.
  4. Resting: Let the chicken rest for 5-10 minutes after grilling to allow the juices to redistribute, ensuring moist and flavorful meat.
  5. Smoky Flavor: Add soaked wood chips to the grill for a smoky aroma that enhances the overall taste.

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