Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin

Easy and Delicious Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin

First, let’s talk about pork chops. These versatile cuts are the unsung heroes of quick and delicious dinners. Opting for thin slices speeds up cooking time and allows for a delightful crispiness that’s hard to resist. And when it comes to flavor, nothing beats the classic combination of pork and BBQ sauce – a match made in culinary heaven.

So, Welcome to the world of delicious simplicity! Our Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin recipe shows that gourmet taste doesn’t require complexity. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a dish that’s as pleasing to the palate as it is easy on the eyes.

But this isn’t just any BBQ pork chop recipe. We will show you how to elevate it with homemade touches that make all the difference. From selecting the right meat to crafting a BBQ sauce that will have your guests asking for the recipe, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and turn those simple ingredients into a meal that’s anything but ordinary.

Preparing Your Pork Chops

Before we dive into the cooking process, let’s ensure your pork chops are prepped and ready to go. Start by rinsing your chops under cold water and patting them dry with paper towels. This step is crucial for removing residue and ensuring the meat cooks evenly.

Next, it’s time to season. For thin pork chops, a simple seasoning goes a long way. Sprinkle both sides with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. If you’re feeling adventurous, a pinch of smoked paprika can add a subtle warmth to the flavor profile.

Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin
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The Secret to Perfect Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin

The secret to perfect baked BBQ pork chops is the balance of temperature and timing. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C), which is the sweet spot for cooking pork chops.

Place your seasoned pork chops on a baking sheet lined with foil and brushed with oil to prevent sticking. Bake for about 20 minutes, flipping halfway through. You’re aiming for a golden-brown sear on the outside and a tender, juicy inside.

While the chops are baking, let’s not forget the star of the show – the BBQ sauce. Brush a generous amount of your homemade sauce onto the chops during the last few minutes of baking. This will create a deliciously sticky glaze that’s finger-licking good.

Thin pork chops cook quickly, so keep an eye on them to prevent overcooking. Once they reach an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C), take them out of the oven and let them rest for a few minutes. This allows the juices to be redistributed, ensuring every bite is as succulent as the last.

Homemade BBQ Sauce Magic

Creating your BBQ sauce is easier than you might think, and it’s the best way to add a personal touch to your baked pork chops.

Kraft Hot and Spicy BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • Start by pouring ketchup into a saucepan to serve as the base of your BBQ sauce.
  • Add a splash of apple cider vinegar for a tangy flavor profile.
  • Spoon in brown sugar to enhance the sweetness of the sauce.
  • Incorporate Worcestershire sauce to add depth and savory notes.
  • Sprinkle in garlic powder, onion powder, and mustard powder for a robust spice blend.
  • If desired, add a pinch of chili powder or cayenne pepper for a hint of heat.
  • Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly in the saucepan.
  • Place the saucepan over low heat and let the mixture simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • As the sauce simmers, it will thicken, and the flavors will meld together beautifully.
  • Once the sauce reaches your desired consistency and flavor, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool slightly before using it to glaze your baked pork chops.

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving your baked BBQ pork chops, the possibilities are endless. A classic choice is a side of creamy mashed potatoes, which provides a comforting balance to the tangy BBQ sauce. For a healthier option, a crisp green salad with a vinaigrette dressing can lighten the meal while adding a refreshing contrast.

Don’t forget the power of presentation. Arrange the pork chops on a platter and drizzle extra BBQ sauce over the top for a glossy finish. Garnish with a sprinkle of fresh parsley or chives to add a pop of color and a hint of freshness. Whether it’s a weeknight dinner or a special occasion, these serving suggestions will make your baked BBQ pork chops a hit every time. 

Nutritional Information

When indulging in a dish as delightful as baked BBQ pork chops, knowing what’s going on nutritionally is helpful.

When indulging in a dish as delightful as baked BBQ pork chops, knowing what’s going on nutritionally is helpful.

  1. Protein
  2. Vitamins B6 and B12
  3. Iron
  4. Zinc
  5. Calories per serving (220-250)
  6. Fat content in thin cuts
  7. Homemade BBQ sauce
  8. Sugar control
  9. Sodium control
  10. Nutritional benefits of pork
Baked BBQ Pork Chops Thin
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Pork is a great source of essential nutrients, including protein, vitamins B6 and B12, iron, and zinc. Thin cuts, like the ones we’re using, are lower in fat compared to thicker cuts, making them a leaner option.

A single serving of baked BBQ pork chops can vary in calories, but a typical thin chop will contain around 220-250 calories. The homemade BBQ sauce adds additional calories, but by making it yourself, you can control the amount of sugar and sodium, which is a huge plus for your health.

The Art of Marinating Pork Chops

Marinating is a technique that infuses pork chops with flavor and tenderizes them, making each bite a delight. To create a marinade that complements the BBQ theme, mix apple cider vinegar, olive oil, brown sugar, and a blend of your favorite herbs and spices in a bowl. Submerge the pork chops in this mixture and let them sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour or overnight for deeper flavor penetration.

Tips for a Perfect BBQ Feast

No BBQ is complete without the right atmosphere and accompaniments. Set the mood with outdoor decorations and a playlist of summer hits to dance to while you cook. As for the food, consider grilling some vegetables like corn on the cob or asparagus to add a smoky flavor that pairs wonderfully with your pork chops. And for dessert? A classic American apple pie will round off the meal with a sweet touch.

Final Analysis

Congratulations! You’ve just created a mouthwatering meal that’s sure to impress. Baked BBQ pork chops thin are not only easy to prepare but also packed with flavor. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you’ve learned how to select the best cuts, season them to perfection, and bake them for optimal juiciness. We hope this article has provided valuable insights and inspired you to try this recipe at home. Remember, the key to great cooking is the ingredients and the love and care you put into preparing each meal. So try it, and savor every bite of your homemade culinary creation! Bon appétit!


Marinate the pork chops for at least one hour for the best flavor. If you have time, letting them marinate overnight in the refrigerator will enhance the taste even more.

Absolutely! It can be made up to a week in advance and stored in the refrigerator. This allows the flavors to meld together and intensify.

Thin pork chops cook quickly, so it’s important not to overcook them. Monitor the internal temperature and remove them from the oven once they reach 145°F (63°C). Letting them rest for a few minutes after baking helps retain the juices.

If you prefer not to use ketchup, tomato paste diluted with a little water is a good substitute. You can also use canned tomato sauce for a smoother texture.

Grilled vegetables, a quinoa salad, or a fresh coleslaw are healthy and delicious options that complement the rich flavors of BBQ pork chops.

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