BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Delicious BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

What happens if the mood from that tropical Hawaiian place and your favorite BBQ spot decide to show up at your pizza party? Magic, pure and exquisite magic, my friends. This is no ordinary pizza—rather, it’s a gourmet exploration guaranteed to take your taste buds on an unforgettable, flavor-filled trip. Imagine this BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza with a perfect blend of cheese, sweet pineapple, tangy BBQ sauce, and juicy chicken dancing on a crunchy crust.

Are you prepared to take your pizza night to the next level and take charge of your kitchen? Let’s get started on creating your new go-to meal, BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, which is going to blow your mind.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
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What is BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza?

In the world of pizza, BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza is the life of the party. Think something like this: delicate chicken chunks that have been soaking up all those delicious spices are above a bed of smokey BBQ sauce. The surprise comes in the form of slices of delicious pineapple that provide cheer to the dish, much like sunshine does on a gloomy day.

A thick layer of melted mozzarella cheese binds everything together like the best of friends, while red onions add a little tang to balance the sweetness.

Last but not least, a last sprinkle of cilantro gives a zesty twist that perfectly balances the flavors in every bite. It’s more than simply a pizza—it’s a tale of flavors colliding to produce something truly wonderful.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
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Where Did BBQ Chicken Pizza Come From?

A delicious invention in the pizza industry, BBQ Chicken Pizza originated in the inventive kitchens of California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) in the 1980s. Chef Ed LaDou is the creative force behind this culinary fusion; he was renowned for his daring and non-traditional pizza toppings. Working at CPK, LaDou created the BBQ Chicken Pizza, which quickly became popular by fusing chicken and barbecue sauce with standard pizza ingredients.

Where Did BBQ Chicken Pizza Come From?
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This invention, which combined the robust, acidic flavors of barbecue with the cozy familiarity of pizza, not only became a hallmark dish for California Pizza Kitchen but also set off a national trend for pizza menus.

It’s proof that culinary creativity can produce long-lasting pleasures on the dining room table.

What is BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza?
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What is BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Made Of?

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza is all about combining the comforting familiarity of pizza with the bold flavors of a backyard BBQ. Pizza, with its cozy familiarity, and the robust tastes of a backyard barbecue, come together to create BBQ Chicken Pizza. Here’s what makes up this crowd-pleaser:

What is BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
  • BBQ Sauce: Swapped in for traditional tomato sauce, it sets the stage with its smoky, tangy sweetness.
  • Chicken: Typically grilled or cooked and then shredded or chopped; it’s marinated or tossed in BBQ sauce for that extra flavor kick.
  • Cheese: Mozzarella is the go-to for its melty, gooey goodness, but feel free to mix in some smoked gouda or cheddar for extra pizzazz.
  • Onions: Red onions are a favorite for their slight bite and color, adding a nice contrast in both flavor and appearance.
  • Cilantro: Freshly chopped cilantro sprinkled on top after baking adds a burst of freshness and a bit of herbal brightness.
  • Pineapple: Sweet, juicy chunks that bring the Hawaiian sunshine to the party.

Each component contributes a distinct tone, resulting in a harmonious blend of tastes that harmoniously blend on a crust. It combines the best parts of a pizza night and a BBQ party into one mouthwatering slice.

How to Make BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

Whip up a BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza to bring a fusion of sweet, tangy, and smoky flavors right to your table. This easy-to-make pizza combines juicy chicken, succulent pineapple, and rich BBQ sauce on a crispy crust, creating a delicious twist on traditional pizza night.

Creating BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza is like creating a tasty and enjoyable artwork. Here’s how to make this tropical meets smokey sensation, step-by-step:

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

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This Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe is irresistibly delicious! A pizza crust gets a generous topping of smoky BBQ sauce, succulent chicken, rich mozzarella, juicy pineapple, and savory red onion and cilantro. Could this be the ultimate pizza recipe? There’s a good chance it is!


  • Pizza dough

  • BBQ sauce

  • Cooked chicken breast, shredded or chopped

  • Pineapple chunks

  • Red onion, thinly sliced

  • Mozzarella cheese, shredded

  • Cilantro, chopped


  • Preheat your oven to 475°F (245°C).
  • Roll out the pizza dough on a floured surface.
  • Spread BBQ sauce evenly over the dough.
  • Layer the chicken, pineapple, and red onion on top.
  • Sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese over the toppings.
  • Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and the crust is golden brown.
  • Garnish with chopped cilantro before serving.


  • For an extra flavor boost, consider marinating the chicken in BBQ sauce before cooking. This step infuses the chicken with more depth and ties the pizza flavors together even more beautifully.

This Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe is a vibrant celebration of flavors, seamlessly blending the smokiness of BBQ sauce with the sweetness of pineapple and the richness of mozzarella. It’s a culinary masterpiece that stands out for its creative twist on traditional pizza, inviting a delightful contrast of tastes in every bite.

The addition of red onion and cilantro introduces a fresh, aromatic layer, enhancing the overall experience. This recipe is not just a meal; it’s an adventure for the taste buds, showcasing the power of combining diverse ingredients. Perfect for those looking to elevate their pizza night, it’s a testament to the joy of experimenting in the kitchen.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
Credits to Kimball Malaysia


To wrap things up, the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza is a gastronomic experience that combines the best elements of several different worlds, not simply a dish in itself. Its origins in the avant-garde kitchens of the 1980s, it has withstood the test of time and demonstrated that culinary creative thinking was limitless.

This dish is a celebration of flavorful combinations, with a crispy crust, smokey BBQ sauce, sweet pineapple, savory chicken, creamy mozzarella, and the zesty combination of red onion and cilantro. It’s evidence of the delight in pushing culinary boundaries and trying new things. Making this pizza in your kitchen promises to be a thrilling journey, regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen.

So, as we conclude, remember that every slice of Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza is not just food; it’s a slice of culinary innovation that continues to inspire and delight palates around the world.

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