BBQ Lemongrass Chicken

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken – Your Next Grill Masterpiece

Ready to up your grilling game with something irresistibly tangy and infused with the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia? BBQ lemongrass chicken isn’t just another poultry dish—it’s a game-changer. Packed with the punchy flavors of lemongrass, garlic, and a hint of lime, this chicken recipe promises to turn your ordinary BBQ into a mouthwatering feast.

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken
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Wondering how to make it? Stick around, and I’ll walk you through each step, ensuring your next cookout is a smashing hit. Ready to impress with those grilling skills? Let’s get started!

What is BBQ Lemongrass Chicken?

BBQ lemongrass chicken for you! It’s not just your everyday BBQ fare; this dish brings a whole new level of excitement to your taste buds. We start with tender chicken, marinate it in a vibrant mix of lemongrass, garlic, a splash of fish sauce, and a hint of sweetness from brown sugar—all designed to infuse deep, aromatic flavors.

Once it hits the grill, the magic really starts. The heat locks in those juicy, tangy flavors, leaving you with a mouth-watering piece of chicken that’s charred to perfection on the outside and succulent on the inside. It’s a simple twist on traditional BBQ that delivers an extraordinary taste experience.

What is Lemongrass Chicken Made Of?

Lemongrass chicken is a symphony of flavors, crafted from a few key ingredients that transform simple chicken into something spectacular.

Lemongrass chicken is a flavorful dish composed primarily of the following ingredients:

  1. Lemongrass: The star of the dish, lemongrass provides a fresh, citrusy flavor that is slightly sweet. It’s typically finely chopped or pounded to release its aromatic oils.
  2. Chicken: Commonly used cuts include thighs or breasts, chosen for their ability to soak up the marinade and stay moist while cooking.
  3. Garlic: Added for its pungent flavor, which complements the freshness of the lemongrass.
  4. Shallots: These add a mild, slightly sweet onion flavor that enhances the overall savoriness of the dish.
  5. Chili Peppers: Used to introduce heat to the dish, balancing the sweetness and aromatic qualities of the other ingredients.
  6. Sugar: Typically brown sugar or palm sugar, it caramelizes during cooking, adding a hint of sweetness and helping to brown the surface of the chicken.
  7. Fish Sauce: This adds a salty, umami flavor depth that is a hallmark of Southeast Asian cuisine.
  8. Soy Sauce: Sometimes used to provide additional umami and color to the dish.
  9. Lime Juice: Adds a bright, acidic component, rounding out the flavors and cutting through the richness of the chicken.

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Recipe

Easy to prepare dish and it serves six and is ideal for a family dinner or a casual backyard BBQ. With just 250 calories per serving, it’s a guilt-free option that doesn’t skimp on taste. Remember, marinating overnight maximizes the juiciness and flavor of the chicken!

BBQ Lemongrass Chicken – Your Next Grill Masterpiece

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This BBQ Lemongrass Chicken recipe is a delightful fusion of Southeast Asian flavors, perfect for spicing up your grilling routine. The marinade, a vibrant mix of lemongrass, garlic, and shallots, with hints of chili, sugar, and lime, infuses the chicken with a tantalizing aroma and deep flavors.


  • Lemongrass, 3 stalks

  • Chicken thighs, 6 pieces

  • Garlic, 4 cloves

  • Shallots, 2 large

  • Chili peppers, 2 (optional)

  • Brown sugar, 2 tablespoons

  • Fish sauce, 3 tablespoons

  • Soy sauce, 1 tablespoon

  • Lime juice, from 1 lime

  • Vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons

  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Prepare the Marinade: Finely chop the lemongrass, garlic, shallots, and chili peppers. Combine in a bowl with brown sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, and vegetable oil. Mix well.
  • Marinate the Chicken: Season the chicken thighs with salt and pepper, then coat them with the marinade. Let them marinate for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight in the fridge.
  • Preheat the Grill: Heat your grill to medium-high heat.
  • Grill the Chicken: Place the marinated chicken thighs on the grill. Cook for 6-7 minutes on each side or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F (75°C) and the outside is nicely charred.
  • Rest and Serve: Let the chicken rest for a few minutes before serving to allow the juices to redistribute.


  • For the best flavor, let the chicken marinate overnight. This not only enhances the taste but also ensures the chicken remains juicy and tender after grilling.

Recipe Notes:

  • Marinating Time: For optimal flavor, marinate the chicken overnight. If short on time, a minimum of 1 hour will suffice.
  • Grilling Tips: Ensure your grill is properly preheated to avoid sticking and achieve a good sear. Use medium-high heat.
  • Handling Lemongrass: Remove the tough outer layers of the lemongrass stalks before chopping to avoid fibrous bits in your marinade.
  • Serving Suggestions: Pair with steamed rice or a fresh salad to complement the rich flavors of the chicken.
  • Leftovers: Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.


Wrapping up, this BBQ Lemongrass Chicken recipe is not just a meal; it’s a lively journey through the flavors of Southeast Asia right from your backyard grill. The aromatic blend of lemongrass, garlic, and shallots, coupled with the umami richness of fish sauce and the subtle heat from chili peppers, transforms simple chicken into a dish that is bursting with flavor.

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or simply spicing up your weekly meal rotation, this recipe promises to impress. Remember to allow ample time for the chicken to marinate, as this step is crucial for achieving the depth of flavor that makes this dish stand out.

Serve it up with a side of rice or a crisp salad for a balanced, satisfying meal. Give this recipe a try and bring a touch of exotic flair to your dining table!

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